LAHORE/KARACHI (Agencies) - A partial solar eclipse occurred, the first of 2011, in Pakistan and other parts of the world on Tuesday. The eclipse occurred over a great swathe of Africa, Asia and Europe, including Cairo, Baghdad and Madrid, with a sunset eclipse visible from central Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and northwest China. The solar eclipse began at 11:40 am and continued for four hours and 20 minutes. Lahore witnessed the eclipse at around 11:45am. It lasted for about two hours. It was also observed in Karachi and other cities of the country. Lahore Regional Meteorological Centre Director Mahr Sahibzada Khan said there would be two more eclipse in 2011. Raghib Naeemi of Jamia Naeemia said praying during the eclipses was optional. He said Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had led a prayer during the eclipse and called it a sign from Allah. He said the Prophet had led the prayer to warn people not to link superstitions with eclipses. People with disabilities were buried chest-deep at the Karachi beach during the eclipse, as part of a traditional superstition that it would bring healing to their bodies. In India, partial solar eclipse also occurred but a cloudy sky restricted its visibility from Delhi and certain other parts of northern and western India. The eclipse began at 12:10 pm and ended at 4:31pm while the maximum phase of eclipse was at 2:21pm, Director of Nehru Planetarium N Rathnasree told PTI. The solar eclipse was also witnessed in the United Kingdom. The phenomenon occurred from 8:12am over London, ending at 9:31am, with slightly varying times across the rest of the country, although muggy skies meant the spectacle was obscured to most.