Notions stated on the worlds famous fashion blogs consistently point towards the criteria, that age should not be a primary factor in ones personal dress sense, and that one should always experiment, and not be afraid to practice new trends and styles. However, theory and practice are two different things. To visualize a 50 year old woman in Hareem pants may come across as an eyesore to the well polished younger generation. The fact is that the body cannot be restricted to certain length and width parameters. Thus one cannot be expected to fit into certain set standards like models. Change within the body is inevitable, despite one trying to keep variable factors like diet, exercise, under control. Thus when a women, bold enough to try clothes what women half her age may be purchasing is looked down upon, she is actually criticized for trying to appear younger then her years. She is also mocked as trying too hard to fit in. Thus should only a certain previously set dress code prevail for women who reach a certain age? In fact, age has little to do with the human right for self expression. Every individual being distinct has the right to look different with self-portrayal chosen according to personal preferences. ALISHBA FATIMA TAJWAR