LOUNGING around wrapped in knitwear and peering inquisitively from wicker baskets these sleeping and playful tots would melt any heart. All the babies pictured are aged between six and 14 days which helps explain why many are still blissfully sleepy. Props such as knitted hats and sheepskin blankets are used to accentuate their cuteness and vulnerability. One newborn is so relaxed he looks like he has fallen asleep while trying to keep his head propped on his hands. Another image shows a youngster wide awake wearing a woolly hat sitting in a bucket. Photographers Yvonne Watt and Fiona Potter have found that parents love seeing portraits of their youngsters presented in this way. They formed Glasgow-based Fusion Baby Photography in August last year and have seen huge demand for these baby pictures. Yvonne, 47, said: 'With babies its actually very difficult to take that perfect shot. The key is good natured patience and understanding the needs of the newborns. Fiona said: 'New parents are so time poor when it comes to enjoying the first few magical weeks with their infants. 'They only have a very finite amount of time when everything is going on all at once and before people are aware of how lucky they are it all goes by in a blur. 'Its really nice for them to stop and make time to record this moment in the best possible way because couples will have these photos forever. 'We both felt that we wished wed had the opportunity to do something like this with our own children. 'In a way Im quite envious of the people we meet in the studio because I have very few really nice pictures of my kids from this time. DM