HER parents are hoping shell be one lucky baby. For Rose Gretton was born at 11.11 on 1/1/11. Incredibly, she was also one of 11 babies born on the first day of 2011 at Burtons Queens Hospital. Her mother Kacey, a training consultant from Midway, Derbyshire, said: 'With her being born at 11.11am on the first of the first, 2011, shes got all the ones. My mother and I thought that was a lovely coincidence. 'It feels lovely now that she has been born. Seeing her makes all the hard work worthwhile. 'It was a difficult birth, but I am now on the mend. I suppose New Years day is quite a good day to be born on. Rose was very awake and very loud when she was born. Her husband Neil, 31, a graphic designer, said that baby Rose, the couples first child together, had been a blessing after a difficult birth. DM