LAHORE India is mercilessly killing Kashmiris in the occupied valley with over 0.7 million troops who have unleashed every brutality on them, stated General Secretary, Kashmir Action Committee Pakistan, Lt-Col (r) Ali Muhammad Mir here Tuesday. He said the resolution carried out by the United Nations for a plebiscite in Kashmir on January 5, 1949, is not merely a resolution but a tripartite agreement, still awaiting implementation. He said both India and Pakistan had formally accepted the resolution to allow Kashmiris to decide their fate as to which country they want to be a part of. He said today India is keeping illegal occupation of Kashmir on the force of gun while killing innumerable Kashmiris. He said since 1949 lakhs of Kashmiris have been killed by the Indian troops. He cited the June 2010 incident when Indian forces gunned down as many as 110 unarmed Kashmiris when they were protesting for their rights.