ISLAMABAD - The assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by one of his guards of Elite Police Force has left many questions unanswered owing to his security and murder putting a big question mark over the security of VVIPs. Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has constituted a joint investigation team (JIT) under the head of Bani Amin, DIG (Operations) Islamabad, to probe the case but it would be up to the investigators whether they would try to explore these questions or not. The Interior Minister while talking to reporters here on Tuesday said that how could it be considered a security lapse when one of the guards of the Governor had killed him. However, defence analysts and independent observers are considering it a big security lapse with reference to the security of VVIPs. Prior to this incident, Federal Interior Ministry had to face severs criticism from diplomatic missions over the lapses of security provided to Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad when the capital police had arrested a potential suicide bomber who was a former constable of FC. The potential suicide bomber had been doing security duty in the Diplomatic Enclave of the Capital. The first big question mark over the security of the Governor Punjab is that as to why didnt the other Elite Police Fore personnel of Punjab Police and Punjab Constabulary retaliate at a time when the alleged killer was spraying bullets at the governor. The other police personnel later safely apprehended his fellow and alleged killer. The Punjab Elite Force is considered a very professional force and has special training to counter terrorism activities. Any governor of the province stands first along with the respective chief minister in the security protocol and at the second level position after the security of Prime Minister, President and Chief Justice of Pakistan at federal level. The second big question over the security provided to the governor is that how a person having hard-core views about religion succeeded to find his space among the security escort of Governor Punjab whose liberal and progressive ideas were no more a secret to any one. This also poses another big question mark over the performance of the civilian intelligence agencies like Intelligence Bureau (IB) working under the Federal Government and Special Police Branch of Punjab Police. Under the Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) for the security of VVIPs, the security personnel deputed with any high profile personality for security purposes had to go under the tough scrutiny of Special Branch and IB. Both the agencies separately verify the personal character and religious affiliations and complete background of any security personnel from his birthplace or permanent residence prior to deputing him with any VVIP for security duty. Similar procedure of verification is adopted at the time of recruitment of security personnel in the police department or any other else. Now the question is that how did civilian intelligence agencies clear Malik Mumtaz Quadri, a security personnel of Punjab Constabulary and alleged killer of Salman Taseer apparently having rigid religious ideas for doing security duty with the Governor Punjab. IMRAN MUKHTAR