THIS farmyard goose has had a nose job after breaking off the top half of its orange beak in a freak accident. Garcia was left with her tongue exposed after apparently becoming tangled up in a fence at her animal sanctuary. Vets fitted a black prosthetic nose and she is back to eating as normal - even if the matt finish does make her stand out by the lake. There were fears the farmyard goose would have to be put down as she was left unable to fend for herself - but vets managed to create a false nose. Bird expert Dr Alan Jones crafted the fibreglass beak before it was fitted while the animal was under general anaesthetic. It was attached with wires which were placed in the gooses skull at the British Wildlife Centre in Newchapel, Surrey. A metal framework was built for the new beak before it was filled with a fibreglass paste called Technovit. Terry Kemp, a veterinary nurse and founder of the Happy Endings Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Hailsham, East Sussex, where Garcia lives said: 'We couldnt believe how great she looked after her nose job. 'Who would have thought you could save a gooses life with a piece of fibreglass - its absolutely incredible. We are delighted. Garcia and her friend Morgan - named after actors on American police drama Criminal Minds - were taken in by Happy Endings four months ago after they had been dumped by their owner at a wildlife sanctuary. Agencies