KHANEWAL - The butchers and poultry/fish sellers are selling unhygienic and the meat of sick and dead animals on exorbitant prices in sheer violation of the rates fixed by the district government.

Local people have expressed their surprise over the indifference and negligence of the district administration, particularly of Assistant Commissioner Aamir Karim and District Veterinary Officer and suspected them to be in tacit agreement with the butchers and poultry sellers. Both the officers have apparently been failed to initiate any action against the culprits who have become a strong ‘mafia’. The civil society and political and religious circles have demanded the Khanewal DCO to mobilize assistant commissioner and other relevant government agencies for betterment and relief to the public.

similarly, all general stores and bakeries, especially in congested area and mohallah, are selling eggs up to Rs120 per dozen besides other daily-use items like sugar, ghee, cooking oil are also being sold on higher rates.

According to a survey conducted by TheNation, a number of shops of butchers and poultry/fish sellers have been established in residential and commercial areas of the city, where animal are being slaughtered unlawfully. The situation causing pollution and stink in the residential area and could cause diseases, posing potential threats to the public health.

On the other hand, people are complaining against the worst apathy on the part of the district administration. They pointed out that It was the prime responsibility of the district government to fix the prices of meat, vegetables and other daily-use items and get them ensured so the public could be provided relief. They were of the view that the district administration should ensure effective monitoring of the market to check profiteering and overcharging besides ensuring sale of quality foodstuffs.

They lamented that the Assistant Commissioner Khanewal and his team had appeared least interested to protect the public against the ‘mafias’ prevailed in the market. They demanded the DCO to take stock of the situation and activate the government functionaries to protect the public from the profiteers and ensure sale of quality daily-use items on reasonable rates.