LAHORE - APML leadership has started contacts with meaningful quarters of the establishment for safe return of former President Pervez Musharraf, while they will also ask these quarters for non-interference of the public prosecutors when his legal team moves bail applications for remedy to the former strongman’s free movement, The Nation has learnt.

Sources in APML privy to the developments regarding the comeback preparations of Musharraf told this correspondent Wednesday that his close aides have started contacts with establishment quarters, which earlier played a role for brokering an unwritten deal between the PPP’s high command and Musharraf for giving the former strongman a free passage to go abroad after resigning from the office of the President.

They while confirming international power players efforts for the safe return of Musharraf and giving him space in the political arena revealed that the APML founder has hired some Western lobbyist firms recently who are already doing their job in the US, UK and some Middle Eastern countries and further speed up their process after the announcement of Musharraf for returning to the country this month.  APML sources quoting a close associate of Musharraf as saying that PPP’s top leadership in a unwritten deal with former President have assured him that no case would be registered against him, however, the lead party in the sitting government had violated the unwritten agreement and they not only let some elements to register cases against Musharraf but the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has stated that the government could seek the help of Interpol to bring Musharraf back.

They informed that the issue of violation of the agreement would also be taken up before the international power players in the region who were assisting the process of Musharraf’s safe return as well as with the meaningful establishment quarters.

Fawad Chaudhry, a senior APML leader and believed to be a close aide of Musharraf when contacted neither confirming nor denying the information said that the former President has many friends and some of them could be playing their role for the safe return of APML founder.

About the tentative date of Musharraf’s comeback, he said that the former President would announce final date for his return this month during an address to a public meeting scheduled for January 8th in Karachi.

Meanwhile, a group among the APML, calling themselves as ‘Musharraf Lovers’ told this scribe that there were some other problems regarding Musharraf’s return than security and right of free movement on his return.  They said that Musharraf was capable of handling the issue of arrangements with both the national and international establishments, however, the opportunist party leaders who were allied behind the former President just to plunder his wealth were the real hindrance in the comeback of APML founder.

They maintained that Musharraf in a recent meeting in Dubai refused to meet Lahore chapter leaders, Hafiz Ghulam Mohiyuddin and Naeem Tahir for embezzling around Rs 3.6 million on the pretext of organising a public moot of 50,000 people in the provincial metropolis but they failed, while APML’s central leader Dr Amjad was strongly snubbed by Musharraf in Dubai on this count.

They stated that Dr Amjad somehow managed to calm Musharraf for failure on his part regarding the Lahore moot, however, Amjad came under fire again by another party leader, Ahmed Raza Kasuri when Amjad asked Musharraf for around Rs 200 million for the arrangements of a mammoth welcome to APML founder on his return to country.

As, Kasuri while coming hard on Amjad said that you were talking rubbish and bent upon looting the person you took an oath of allegiance, adding, that he could manage a warm welcome with a amount of Rs 10 million only.