ISLAMABAD  - The extremely cold weather has multiplied the demand of eggs and chicken. As a result, prices of these two products have registered a sharp increase in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Normally in winter season, the use of poultry products especially eggs increases which ultimately results in escalating prices. The chicken is being sold at Rs 165 per kilogram, eggs at Rs.110 per dozen in the different markets of twin cities, hard to afford for a common man.

According to market sources, a couple of weeks ago, the chicken prices were Rs.115 per kg and eggs Rs.90 per dozen but increase in vehicle fares owing to gas loadshedding pushed the prices up. Majority of the people use eggs in their daily breakfast as it carries sufficient protein, which helps maintaining good health but now they have to go for an alternative energy intake source.

Kamran Afzal, an employee of a private office, said that the demand of eggs usually increases in the winter season and subsequently the prices shoot up. Eggs are an absolute priority in breakfast and people are forced to purchase them on high prices.

A student Waqas Majeed said it never happened in the past that the prices of eatables shoot up to this extent.

The concerned authorities should chalk out a mechanism to control prices of kitchen items especially chicken and eggs which are essential for sound health, Sadia Sajjad, a house wife demanded.

When contacted, a representative of the Poultry Association held costly feed, rise in petroleum and electricity prices responsible for increasing prices of poultry products.