In the contemporary world, the office of Ombudsman has been closely associated with democracy, democratization of the institutions, governance and public administration. It is considered as an inexpensive, expeditious and easy mechanism for the redressal of the grievances of common man against the unbridled and thick skinned bureaucracy and technocracy in any country. How pitiable! It is more than a year now but still the office of Federal Ombudsman is not being filled up. It is, indeed, beyond ones’ comprehension. This very important office, if left unattended may result into grievous consequences.

However, the President of Pakistan is appealed to appoint a man of substance with rich judicial and legal acumen and experience as the Wafaqi Ombudsman so that hundreds of thousands of representations which are lying unattended in the office may have legal remedies.


Islaambad, January 4.