BEIJING  – Pakistan army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas has said some foreign secret agencies are funnelling funds to terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In an interview with a Chinese newspaper on Wednesday, the spokesman said Pakistani forces played a great role in war against terrorism.

About the biggest difficulty in anti-terrorism campaign at present, Abbas said there are several hostile intelligence agencies that are supporting and funding terrorist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The drug money, smuggling and other multiple sources of income are helping the terrorists to conduct terrorist activities not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan.

Talking about the Nato airstrike in Mohmand Agency, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General said all existing coordination procedures were violated by ISAF on the nights of November 25-26, adding that “we have investigated this matter and found it an unprovoked act of blatant aggression. Such kind of blatant aggression has jeopardised the government and military’s efforts in fighting the militancy and terrorism.”

“Pakistan army is committed to achieving peace in the region which will only be possible through mutual trust and cooperation. In this regard US should respect our sovereignty and refrain from such acts which seriously affect the pace for cooperation,” said Abbas.

He said in the 10 years of cooperation with the international community in the war against terror, Pakistan has lost more than 35,000 people including 3,100 security personnel.

ISPR DG said Pakistan suffered economic losses to the tune of approximately US$ 68 billion, adding “but in the process we have eliminated not only mid-tier Al-Qaeda leadership but also made a dent in the top leadership.” He said most of the targets have been achieved as per operational strategy which included establishing writ of the government in FATA and Swat and bringing life in these areas back to normal.

Abbas pointed out that the operation in Abbottabad was conducted by the US forces without prior information to Pakistan Army or ISI.

“Achievements of ISI against Al-Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates in Pakistan have no parallel. Around 100 top level Al-Qaeda leaders and operators have been killed or arrested by ISI, with or without the support of CIA,” he added.

He said: “After Osama bin Laden incident, it was made very clear to the US that any similar action, violating the sovereignty of Pakistan, will warrant a review in all fields of cooperation including military, intelligence sharing, diplomatic and political. Relationship between the two countries deteriorated after the incident.”

Talking about the Pakistan-China joint anti-terrorism drill named “Friendship 2011” held in November last year, he said such joint events definitely enhance the professional skills and operational preparedness of both the armies and develop mutual understanding of each other’s skills and procedures.

“These exercises also boost the existing professional relationship between the two armies. Both the armies have a long lasting and historic cultural and economic relationship,” Abbas observed.