Of late the Indian government has taken a giant step towards providing the children of from poor families with food as its Central Cabinet has approved National Security Food Bill. The bill guarantees to provide rice for 3 Rupees per kilogram, wheat for 2 Rupees per kilo and other victuals for merely 1 Rupee per kilo to 63 crore persons who are living below subsistence level. Unequivocally, its an unprecedented success of the Indian leaders who are profoundly loyal to their masses. I wish some political party could emulate the Indian government's great step to provide basic amenities to the people of Pakistan also. We must learn from our neighbour where the leaders reach the corridors of power to serve those who elect them to assemblies. Contrary to that our leaders consider politics to be the best medium of minting money. If India conducts a nuclear capable missile test today, Pakistan would follow suit within 24 hours. But our government won't follow the recent example of the Indian government's legal promise to provide food security to the poor people.


Wah Cantt, January 3.