A Chinese mechanic quit his job to create a larger-than-life bike for his cartoon-obsessed son. Zhang Yali, 49, from Jilin City, started the bike three months ago as a surprise gift for his son Zhang Wenzhong. He said he son was a cartoon fanatic who majored in animation at university, and works as an animation artist in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. “My son is thousands of kilometres from home. My wife and I miss him a lot so I created this bike to inspire him,” he said.  “Animation is the art of exaggeration. So I thought that this giant bike would be the perfect gift for him.” Zhanag extimates that it cost him about £2,000 to create the one tonne bike which stands more than 10ft high and 18ft long. Zhang used two giant wheels from an excavator to create bike. The seat is made from old sofas, and can sit up to eight people in two rows.                          –ON