PESHAWAR - ANP KP President Afrasiyab Khattak has termed the MQM bill for the creation of Hazara province a political trick as it apparently reflects to betray people of Hazara.

“A proper way for the creation of new provinces is in the constitution of the country, but the way MQM brought the bill is an open intervention in the provincial autonomy, he said while addressing a press conference on Wednesday here at press club. He said that Hazara province is not implementable and how a province could be created consisting only two to three districts.

Flanked by provincial Minister for Information and spokesman of the party Mian Iftikhar Hussain and provincial general secretary Arbab Tahir, Afrasiyab said that there was no sincerity and seriousness in the resolution of MQM, adding if they were serious in their task they would had been followed the constitutional way. Besides this, ANP fully support the demand of the people for Saraiky province in Punjab, and we support from that time when MQM even did not exist.

Afrasiyab also explained that the people of Batgram, Kohistan, and Torghar were demanded for a division consisting the said areas and soon their demand would be met in shape of Abasin Division, he vowed. He also blamed that MQM has no interest in the creation of Hazara or Saraikey province in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab but they want a new province in Sind. The MQM all the time making ‘issues’ the non-issues and doing chaotically, he said but we warn them that no unconstitutional way would be implemented and if they (MQM) has the interest in the matter should come in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and prove their majority and bring a resolution.