ISLAMABAD –  Keeping in view the flaws in the land revenue management system, one of the highest corruption prone areas, Chairman National Accountability Bureau Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari directed to form a committee to carry out a study and look for ways and means to prevent corruption by bringing improvements in the system.

In the Executive Board Meeting at NAB Headquarter Islamabad, a case regarding “grabbing of government land though illegal and dishonest means” was put up for authorisation of investigation.

The other factors relating to corruption of revenue department were also discussed. Chairmen NAB Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari thus ordered to form a committee under section 33-C of NAO 1999 to prevent the malpractices in the department by identifying inherent weaknesses and other gray areas causing corruption in the land revenue management system.

Director General Awareness and Prevention Division Lt Col (R) Sirajul Naeem has been assigned the subject task. Findings of the committee, after approval of the chairman NAB will be forwarded to concerned quarters for incorporation in legislation, rules and procedures.  All the stakeholders including members Board of Revenue of all provinces will be taken on board.

Expressing his views in the board meeting Chairman Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari said that being the apex anti-corruption agency of Pakistan committed to eliminate corruption and corrupt practices from society through focused approach it was also the duty of NAB to take initiatives to create awareness and devise preventive measures against corruption besides enforcement operations.

At present the land revenue management system of Pakistan perceived to be one of the highest corruption prone areas which not only affect the agricultural community in the rural sector but also it is a source of perpetration of mega land scams in urban areas and needed attention on part of the department to come up with some strategy to plug the loopholes in the land revenue management system, the chairman added.

Chairman NAB was optimistic that this effort on part of the department would help streamline the land revenue management system. “It will not only help in minimising the corruption from the system but will also reduce the number of litigations thus reducing the burden from the courts and provide substantial relief to millions of people,” he added.