LAHORE – Speakers at a convention have vowed to revive the spirit of Pakistan Movement and work for solidarity and integrity of the country. They said spiritual offsprings of the Mushaikh would fight alongside the military to safeguardthe  geographical boundaries of the country.

Tahaffuz-e-Namoos-e-Risalat Mahaz organised Save Pakistan Convention at Data Darbar on Wednesday after the conclusion of Namoos-e-Risalat Rally that started from Minar-e-Pakistan. Raza-e-Mustafa Naqashbandi, Muhammad Khan Qadri, Muhammad Ali Naqashbandi, Raghib Naeemi and other leaders led the rally largely participated by people from various walks of life. The participants were carrying flags and placards and banners inscribed with writings in support of blasphemy law and demands of immediate release of Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, killer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer. The participants also chanted slogans in favour of Mumtaz Qadri.

After the rally, TNRM organised convention at Data Darbar where speakers warned of launching a coffin-clad march towards Islamabad if Mumtaz Qadri was not released honourably. Addressing the convention, Raza-e- Mustafa Naqshbandi said according to Islamic laws laid down by Quran and Sunnah, Mumtaz Qadri is a hero of Islam who punished Salman Taseer for violating a law of Islam. Muhammad Khan Qadri demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to intervene and decide Mumtaz Qadri’s case in accordance with the Islamic laws. Muhammad Ali Naqshbandi said self respecting Muslims of Pakistan would not rest till honourable release of  Qadri.  Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi said Muslims were faced with another crusade and reminded the believers of the Quran’s proclamation that Jews and Christians could never be friends. Raghib Naeemi said it was time Sufis must come out of monasteries to purge the country of the US agents and impure elements.

Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali said Mumtaz Qadri punished a blasphemer and all those conspiring against him must keep in mind that Allah’s court is Supreme over all worldly courts.  Pir Yar Jan Saifi, Mujahid Abdul Rasool, Haseeb Qadri, Abdul Mustafa Hazarvi, Tahir Tabassum, Sardar Raza, Ahmad Ali Kasuri, Naeem Javed Noori, Arshad Naeemi, Mufti Imran, Ahmad Raza Sialvi, Pir Shafiq Ahmad, Sh Azhar, Allama Asghar and Zaheerul Hasan also spoke on the occasion. The resolutions passed by the convention demanded President Zardari to exonerate Mumtaz Qadri and punish blasphemer Aasia.