ISLAMABAD - A spokesman for Husain Haqqani, former Pakistan ambassador to the United States, has reacted strongly to the recent tirade by former minister and former MNA Sh Rasheed Ahmed. The spokesman said Mr Haqqani had returned to Pakistan to answer false allegations against him and was a guest of the Prime Minister with whom he has a long political association.

Haqqani has faced the propaganda barrage that uncouth individuals who lost their seat at the last election have launched against him gracefully, fulfilling the expectation of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto who acknowledged Husain Haqqani as a loyal friend in her last book ‘Reconciliation.’

In a statement, Haqqani’s spokesman said that Sh Rasheed will be bitterly disappointed when Husain Haqqani shows more character than others with whom the Shaikh has served in the recent past.

Unlike Sh Rasheed’s last boss, who left the country instead of facing cases against him, Haqqani has returned to the country to demonstrate that he has nothing to hide, he added.

The spokesman advised Sh Rasheed to focus on electoral politics in his home district which failed to elect him last time instead of constantly attacking Haqqani, who is a political intellectual of the PPP and whose entry in electoral politics, if desired by the party, will be from his home province of Sindh and not via Rawalpindi.