A police officer told me the other day that corruption could not be eradicated from our country because both the bribe taker and giver were satisfied in this kind of mutual transaction. Only 5 percent of murderers are punished because the witnesses are not ready to come forward and give their evidence in court of law. Another reason for failure to control this evil is the apathy of legal officers towards official action taken to punish the delinquent functionaries. A case in point is a top official of the Muzaffargarh district administration who was transferred several times for his bad reputation here but each time managed to get a stay order against those orders from the legal authorities, most recently just a few days ago. He thus continues to inflict harm on the public with no end in sight for his misdeeds. The only remedy seems to lie in making all members of society to realise their collective responsibility to the society through all kinds of media, beginning with the school.


Muzaffargarh, January 3.