LAHORE - Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, accompanied by his delegation, on Wednesday met Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yaldez in Ankara and discussed with him bilateral matters of mutual interest and cooperation in various projects between the Punjab government and Turkey. Speaking on this occasion, Energy Minister of Turkey Taner Yaldez offered all kind of assistance in meeting energy needs and overcoming the existing energy crisis by setting up hydel and coal power projects in Punjab.

The Energy Minister said that he would extend all-out cooperation to Pakistan in technology exchange in this regard. He also mentioned various projects of alternative energy sources in which Turkey and Punjab government can extend cooperation in future. Shahbaz Sharif, while thanking Yaldez, said that in the present situation, Pakistan immediately needs effective and all out assistance in energy sector. He said that Turkey has substantial technical and educational expertise in this regard and Pakistani people can benefit from it. He informed about the new projects launched by the Punjab government for increasing the energy sources and also discussed the prospects of cooperation of Turkey in this regard. Shahbaz Sharif has said that Turkey revived the memories of Ansar-e-Madina by its generous help to Pakistani people affected by floods and earthquake. He said that Pakistanis and Turks are two bodies with one soul and there is a strong bond of love and brotherhood between the people of the two countries. He was addressing a dinner hosted in honour of Mayor Istanbul Kadir Topbash and Governor on Wednesday.  Shahbaz Sharif accompanied by his delegation visited the shrine of the companion of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari (RA) in Turkey and offered fateha. He remained at the shrine for some time. When the Chief Minister came out of the shrine, the people gathered around him. Expressing their sentiments of love for Pakistan, they said they also pray for their Pakistani brethren.