Appealing to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Chairman All Parties Hurriyet Conference Syed Ali Geelani has cautioned that the possibility of a ‘doomsday’ cannot be averted if the Kashmir issue is left unresolved. There is no denying his contention that India’s foot-dragging over the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions throws a big question mark on its claims of democracy. It has to be kept in mind that the previous wars between India and Pakistan were provoked by this dispute and since it continues to fester, the fear that another such possibility might erupt is definitely an existential threat.

It is surprising that of late, there have been times when New Delhi has talked of bilateral peace, however without mentioning that the basic reason why the ties remain vitiated is because of the core issue. Sadly enough, the PPP-led government too has tried to subtract Kashmir from the talks agenda as a tactic of appeasement. But hard as they may try, at the end of the day, the obvious reality that the dispute is a boiling cauldron and can cause more trouble in the near future cannot be ignored. Friendship that some of the leaders from our side have started to publicly favour and have extended MFN status as well is rather artificial. This adds up to almost abandoning the intifada. Islamabad ought to back up Kashmiris to be able to free themselves from the Indian stranglehold.