In State Bank like every other organization, employee’s Annual Performance Report is a very important document in relation to employee’s career progression. It has a bearing on the employee’s increments and promotions. As such the performance appraisal process, its results and relevant record are very important and sensitive.

In State Bank’s Rawalpindi Office, all record of Annual Performance Reports of Assistant Chief Managers for the year 2011-12 are missing. The Chief Manager and Deputy Chief Managers are pressurizing the Assistant Chief Managers to fill in new Performance Appraisal Forms (called PMF-2 in SBP) to regularize the position in an effort to safeguard those who got rid of these forms to hide their wrong doings during the Performance Appraisal process. Efficient and deserving employees were deprived of high appraisal rank and the corrupt ones were awarded high ranks. The PMF-2s were evidence to the wrongdoings as serious violations of rules and regulations could be found in them:

The final ranking of Assistant Chief Managers was communicated to HR department without discussing and finalizing with the respective employee. This was evident from the date on which HR was communicated the final ratings and the dates of signatures of employees on their PMF-2s. The reviewer’s part of the PMF-2s required to be filled in by Chief Manager himself, it was not filled in by him, instead one of the Deputy Chief Managers did this job which would have been evident from examination of handwriting. Ratings were brought down 3 notches by reviewers as compared to the ratings given by direct appraisers.

No justification was provided for the irregular decrease in rating as compared to that of appraisers which is a requirement under the rules. The whole process was not audited. The basic principle of matching goals with performance was not followed and ratings were awarded on the basis of personal liking and disliking, prejudices, discrimination. To hide all these irregularities, the PMF-2 forms have been misplaced. Now that some of the employees have gone into appeal against the unjustified ratings, the management is pressurizing the Assistant Chief Managers to prepare new PMF-2s to hush up the big scandal. This is our State Bank?


Islamabad, January 3.