Muhammed Hussain Syed, the Administrator, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has recently issued notification to create a post of Director General (Foreign Coordination) exclusively to deal with responsibilities entailing ‘arrangements of foreign visits’ as well as recently added responsibilities such as to ‘make all arrangements of lodging, boarding, protocol, conveyance and etc for the visiting foreign dignitaries in close coordination with relevant KMC, provincial and federal government departments’. I am sure that official arrangement must be underway to benefit a blue-eyed retiree to be appointed as a consultant in the department which is either blatant favoritism or sheer nepotism.

Is this feasible, for a cash-strapped organization, which has also failed to disburse monthly salary for the month of November 2012-paid-in-December-2012 to its thousands of employees and could not manage to remove its financial backlog for many months, on account of pensions and post-retirement dues for which payment-seekers have been running ragged.

It is time to disburse monthly salary and pension on time and release funds to the KDA hospitals and medical laboratories, so that they could continue their services to the employees, halted for couple of months. It is time to curtail a hefty expenditure being incurred monthly on POL for official vehicles. Almost all officers use their POL quota for their domestic use instead of official use, for. The Audit Department is responsible to scrutinize these expenditures but they are not in the least bothered. It is the time to keep a watchful eye on misuse of financial resources of KMC and officers living beyond their means.

Priority should be given to settling the monthly salaries and pensions instead of rehiring a retiree on the pretext of consultancy. I request the Administrator KMC and the chief officer to look into the matter or else recently added tax on the pretext of Municipal Charges would not suffice.


Karachi, January 3