People keep giving excuses for bad governance and keep blaming others for the downfall of the system in Pakistan. I am sure that even a child knows who is responsible for what. The many elected members choose someone as a President, who is the head of the country. He should be a capable and serious person. Our system is riddled with illiterate MNAs and MPAs who cannot see beyond their own personal goals thus there are many irregularities in our country and these distortions should be eradicated sooner than later.

Changing mindset will not happen overnight but happen it must. We have reached a point where we must call a spade a spade. One of the greatest enemies of Sindh province is covering up wrongdoings. As late as yesterday, someone was trying to convince me that Chief Minister Sindh is actually a good guy who is surrounded by bad people!

Our incumbent political leadership should learn from the humility of the US President Barrack Obama when he said (during the elections November 2012 in response to the murder of the US ambassador to Libya that), “I am the president of the United States of America and I am ultimately responsible for what happens in my government.”

Can Chief Minister Sindh stand up and admit that he is the CM and ultimately responsible for what happens in Sindh province, including the targeted killings, honour killings, tribal killings and kidnapping for ransom, disasters, destruction and underdevelopment?


Islamabad, January 3.