Pakistan’s victory in the ODI series against India calls for a thunderous clap for our boys who clinched the series with an impressive 85-run win in Kolkata on Thursday. A collective effort that it was, special praise is a must for the demolition man Nasir Jamshed who kept up with his streak scoring a second century in a row in the current three-match series. It turned the tables despite the fact that a total of 250 in a highly charged atmosphere was achievable for the Indians, feared for their strong battling line-up. By beating the world champions back on their very own turf, the team has done the country proud. Yet for the Eden Gardens, the largest cricket stadium in India, the match afforded an occasion for thrilling action. For Pakistan, it turned out to be a challenging opportunity to hone its strength and test the youngsters as well. We have no dearth of talent both in bowling and batting department. With the induction of other such talented youngsters, the team is going to grow stronger.

The series provides a happy respite for the audience back home invariably bombarded with news of violence and all things negative. It turns out that the PCB is also active. It deserves appreciation. Chairman Zaka Ashraf’s suggestion that an Ashes-like series ought to be held between the two rivals surely merits consideration.