The Anjuman Kashtkaraan Punjab vice president remonstrated with the Sadiqabad assistant commissioner about delay in issuance of permits to the farmers, purchase of sugarcane at “reduced” rates and “tempering” with weight scale by the sugar mills.

Chaudhry Muhammad Yaseen, the Anjuman incumbent, called on AC Muhammad Farooq at the latter’s office. Mr Yaseen told the assistant commissioner that sugar mills’ administrations reduced weight of the produce thereby causing the growers huge loss, besides purchasing the produce at lower rates. Having listened to the complaints, the AC ordered the summoning of a joint meeting of the representatives of farmers and sugar mills so as to resolve the growers’ problems. At the meeting, various sugar mills’ general managers have also been invited.

The AC also ordered the timely issuance of permits to the farmers, immediate stop of showing reduced weight of the produce and solution to other problems. He further said that the sugar mills would be forced to purchase the whole quantity of sugarcane. He said that the farmers’ representatives suggestions would be considered and discussed and would be implemented if found productive and convenient. He said that at each sugar mills, the administration had set up counters to facilitate the community for solving their problems. “If not entertained, any grower could meet with me,” he said.

Earlier, the Jamaldin Wali farmers demanded that the sugar mills should provide them with relief, facilities regarding acquisition of permits, and improve their behaviour towards the growers. They had demanded immediately termination of JDW Sugar Mills’ Jamaldin Wali circle in-charge Liaqat Ali and appointment of an honest person aware of etiquettes and manner.

Farmers said that the official treat with the farmers rudely and aggressively. They added that the in-charge had jolted local landlord Bahseer Ahmad out of his office the other day besides hurling a stream of abuse at him. The victim alleged that the in-charge sells out permits and demanded that the administration should look into the issue and take a stern action against him.