LAHORE  - A 35-year-old unarmed factory worker was gunned down by the police on Saturday near a picket in Shadbagh area.

Hundreds of people staged a strong protest demonstration against the Lahore police as they blocked Bund Road to condemn the killing.

At first, the police tried to hush up the matter by declaring the poor factory worker as a robber. But when factory workers and eyewitnesses came to the streets, the police admitted that an unarmed citizen was murdered by a cop in a “friendly fire.”

Initial investigations revealed that the policemen opened fire on the cyclist, identified as Muhammad Yasin, as he tried to flee physical search at a picket. Cops often rob poor workers of their belongings in the name of frisk at pickets.

A police official disclosed to reporters that the cops shot the father of four when he exchanged harsh words with them. Resident of Chichawatni, Yasin, was on his way to a plastic factory where he was working as a machine-man when the cops signaled him to stop. The unarmed man leaving his bicycle on the road ran towards the factory gate but the cops opened fire.

A police spokesman claimed that a constable has been arrested in connection of the incident. Further investigations are underway.