ISLAMABAD - All the educational institutes working under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) will be opened from Monday (tomorrow) instead of January 11.

Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) Spokesperson Rafique Tahir announced that the decision has been taken after consultation with metrological department as temperature has risen and weather is not so severe as it was before.  

Earlier, the Division had announced Thursday late night that all public schools and colleges would remain closed from January 3 to January 11 owing to bone-chilling temperature. But the private schools associations had decided not to follow the federal government's decision to close down the institutes again till January 11 after winter vacations.

The decision created confusions as it was taken too late and did not mention clearly that the announcement was only for the school students and not for the staff and colleges. Many school students turned up at their respective institutes and the college students and the teaching staff remained missing despite that there were no vacations for them due to misinformation.

According to information, the decision was taken only to facilitate the schoolchildren up till Class X in view of extreme cold weather as the CADD was receiving complaints that children had fallen sick and there was neither such decision for the college students nor for teaching staff of all the institutes. But the spokesperson while announcing the decision used the word all educational institutes instead of schools that caused confusion.

A senior official wishing to be anonymous said that lack of coordination among CADD officials and ill-planning caused this confusion. Most of the parents and employees thought that there was no need of vacations after the winter vacations. Many after listening to the announcement had extended their stays or gone back to their hometowns now they will have to call back again.

It was no less than mockery and joke with the students and educational institutes, said President Federal Government College Teachers' Association Tahir Mahmood. "The decision-makers should have consulted the heads of educational institutes and the FDE director general before making such decisions. At a time when academic year is at the peak and students are preparing for oncoming exams, this chaotic situation will be damaging," he added.