Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan is a spiritual leader who is known because of his mysticism. He is the author of several books like ‘Piya Rang Khala’, ‘Kajal Kotha’ and ‘Shab-e-Dida’which has earned him good name all over the world. He is acknowledged for his literary work on mysticism by his contemporaries including Qudratullah Shahab, Mumtaz Mufti, Ashfaq Ahmad, Bano Qudsia, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Amjad Islam Amjad, Auria Maqbool Jan etc. Although he dropped out school in his early years and never returned but he is called from various universities to deliver lectures on mysticism. He is a worldly man who had spent more than 50 years of life in different European countries. These days he is residing in Lahore, Pakistan. He wears black dress and adorns himself with different stones. In an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus he talked about different topics and his books. Following are the excerpts of his interview:

Q: Why you fully dress in black with various kinds of stones around your neck and in fingers?

Baba G: I live in this specific style as I have been ordered by my Baba, and the black dress and stones are my ornaments.

Q: The title of your first book ‘Piya Rang Kala’ is very unique. Would you please explain what ‘Piya’ signifies?

Baba G: World ‘Piya’ is derived from Sansikrat and it is used to express reverence. You may use it for your beloved, father, mother or your spiritual teachers. Above all, I love it. To me, Piya is my spiritual teacher. It is a term which is used in reverence, honour and love for a religiously superior personality and you may call even your wife ‘Piya’.

Q: You mentioned on the second page of ‘Piya Rang Kala’ the conspicuousness of a Muslim who offers prayers with ‘Hazoori’ (being fully absorbed in it). How can this status be attained?

Baba G: This status in prayers could not be attained through efforts rather it is bestowed or awarded by the Creator, the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful as only worldly things could be acquired but spiritual awards are only conferred. Allah Almighty whenever He wills, grants this status a person who fears Allah Almighty and shows great perseverance in offering prayers considering as if it were the last prayers of his life. Whenever I prostrate before the Creator, my whole personality and all my activities swarm the points of prostration – nose and forehead, and I feel that I’m alone in Maidan-e-Ararat in front of the Creator of the universe and talking to Him. In the whole life, if you have succeeded in offering just one Sajda of Hazoori it will suffice. The prayers of a person who is going to be sent to the gallows may bring him the state of Hazoori and such prayers would be better than his hundreds of thousands of prayers. The status may come under the guidance of a spiritual leader who may be your mother, father, sister, teacher, a cobbler, a shopkeeper, even your wife.

Q: What is Hidayat (real guidance) as per the Holly Quran and how it is bestowed?

Baba G: Believe in unseen such as in Allah Almighty, His messengers, Angels, Paradise, Hell, the Day of Resurrection, giving charity in His love, offering prayers, considering Allah the Best Sustainer and Cherisher are the basis for Taqwa which ultimately leads to real guidance and Muttaqeen (those granted Hidayat) neither become sad nor fearful of anything.

Q: How much you are qualified and wherefrom you got this precious knowledge that you wrote books which are among the best selling ones, and great writers of the present ear like Ashfaq Ahmad acknowledge you?

Baba G: I did not get this knowledge from conventional educational institutions. Even then, I am invited by leading university of the world to deliver lectures on various topics. My books, though very costly, are popular across the globe and the income out of the books is donated to the deserving poor including eunuchs through Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Fountain House and other such institutions. This is my job.

Q: Prayers is real success. We are asked ‘Come to Success’ for five times a day and a number of Muslims respond to the call but where success is?

Baba G: Success comes after Hidayat which is acquired through guarding against evil and fear Allah Almighty. Success comes when every individual will mend his ways and correct his direction with consumption of pious food earned through pious money. When we start feeling for the helpless people, ensuring provision of human rights especially of neighbours, healing others’ wounds as our own, success will come and it comes from within not from the heavens. And we also need to grasp the implied meaning of word Falah.

Q: Economic inequality is everywhere as a few richest persons hold assets of about half of the world. Is there any formula to address the poor’s grievances?

Baba G: This is outcome of capitalism and the system is difficult to be changed. If the costly vehicles in Brunei are sold out, the debt of Pakistan could be paid. The price of one chopper of a Saudi prince is equivalent to the whole budget of Pakistan. But, the system cannot be changed, however, at the individual level, we must carry out altruistic activities.

Q: Did you take part in the Pakistan Movement?

Baba G: Yes, I practically played a role in establishment of Pakistan. We used to attend meetings of Muslim League and chant slogans in favour of the establishment of Pakistan. I belonged to a middle class family out of which, I am the only person who opted for mysticism mainly because of prayers of Allama Iqbal.

Q: Situation in the country is turning from bad to worse, is there any solution?

Baba G: No, I totally disagree to the idea. In fact, the situation is getting better day by day. Don’t worry; Pakistan is a country which is going to lead the Muslim Ummah as she was created in the name of Islam. Everyday bomb blasts and killings are just part of the process to pave the way for the goal. So don’t worry, it will start getting better soon.

Q: A Hadith says, “He who recognises himself, recognises his Lord”. How can we recognise ourself?

Baba G: Charity begins at home. Start it from home and spread it across the world. Until you recognise your own values, how would you be able to recognise the others’? If you want to get alive to the apathetic situation of a hungry person, you have to remain hungry first.

Q: What is difference between Allama Iqbal’s Khudi (ego) and arrogance?

Baba G: Inordinate carefulness in spending becomes niggardliness. When you boil the essence of pomegranate a bit less, it becomes vinegar the use of which is Sunnah, while a bit more boiling converts it into wine which is prohibited in Islam. Khudi, which means to protect the status of being a human being as granted by Allah, is His blessings while demonstration of worldly pleasures with pride is evilness.

Q: Do you think that the past could be captured and observed?

Baba G: The skills of looking at the past happenings are acquirable. You can visualise the incidents took place in the past and so could the forthcoming happenings be envisioned as well. The very sense is even dogs and cats are granted. This capability is also seen in a few senior citizens as well.

Q: You are considered to be very rich person. How much assets you won?

Baba G: I have been lived in Europe for fifty years. I am a worldly person. I have six sons and grandchildren as well. I am a businessman but not a conventional wealthy person. I do not eat meal rather I live on just biscuits and tea. I do not own even a single inch of land and there is nothing which belongs to me in the world.