Sohai Ali Abro, a new face of Pakistani entertainment industry is much talented and passionate actress. Started her career from the age of sixteen she very quickly earned herself a good name in the entertainment industry. Her passion for work is most tangible as she had germs of acting since her childhood. Sohai is best known for her roles in serials like Saat Pardon MeinTanhaiKhoya Khoya Chand and Rishty kuch adhorey sy.  She made her film debut with a supporting role in the 2013 romantic drama Yasir Nawaz's Anjuman. Her performance won wide critical acclaim, earning a nomination in the best supporting actress category at Tarang Housefull Awards. This all set the ball rolling for Sohai. She is fond of dancing and wants to show her talent on a silver screen. In her glamorous avatar, Sohai has earned many accolades to her name with her performance.

With his beautiful diva Splus talked about her career, inspiration and experiences in entertainment industry. Let’s have a look: 

You are an actress, dancer and model. Tell us how this all journey being?

It all started from theatre. I used to do theatres before coming in entertainment industry. I was always interested in art and dancing when I was in school and college. My career was started from the drama serial ‘Manjli’, which was the project for Geo. I played the role of the supporting character in that as the younger sister of Mehwish Hayyat. I was 16 years old when I shoot that drama. That serial was directed by Nadeem Baid. My debut serial was ‘’Saat Pardon Main’ in which I played leading role.

Did you always want to be a part of the entertainment industry as an actress?

I always had germs of acting. I love dancing and watching movies.  Even when there is marriage in my house I use to be in the front to dance but I didn’t plan to work in Pakistani TV industry.  No doubt acting was always my passion since I was a kid.

You have different experiences as an actress, model and dancer. If you had to choose one thing from these, what would you select?

I would select dance but I think I can’t choose one thing from acting and dancing because this both are passion for me. In our country we don’t made that kind of films in which one can dance and act both. For me dance is a form of expressing happiness.

From where you had learned dance?

Sohai: I joined dancing classes when I was seven years old. It was just a basic of the dance. I didn’t continue it because of my studies. I haven’t learned it properly from anywhere.  It was always a passion and hobby to learn more about dance.

What are those priorities which you keep in mind while singing any new project?

I always look up the script and then the character of that serial. I see if it suits me or not and I can play it well or not. Basically script is the main thing, the content of the story is very important that what message it is going to give. 

You have worked in many serials, which one role that you have performed is closed your heart?

One role which I have done in ‘Saat Pardon Main’ is close to my heart. It was a freak character of role of an innocent and shy young girl. I still remember that role because it was the role which gave me standing in the industry and people started knowing me from that character.

With which co star you have enjoyed working most and you were comfortable?

I was always been comfortable with everyone. There is a friendly environment on the set. I enjoyed working with senior artistes like Sajid Hassan, Saba Hameed, Mikaal, Ahsan Khan. They are great people to work and you learn a lot from senior artistes. I would not take one name because I always enjoyed working with every co star.

You are also the part of upcoming movie ‘Kambakht’. Tell us something about this movie and your role.

I have played the role of a shy and innocent pathan girl who don’t speak much. Its a very interesting film. Hamza is the guy who has directed this film. It was a very good experience of working for a movie. I can’t reveal much about this movie. Saba Qamar, Shafqat Cheema and many other senior artistes are also in this film. So I enjoyed working with them.

Q: You started working from a TV screen and now you are working for silver screen. How would you differentiate both of them? Tell us about your feelings of shifting from a TV screen to mini screen.

Sohai: There is a lot of difference between theatre, TV and silver screen. Actor enjoys every medium. Being an actress I enjoyed working on theatre because there you have live audience and you get response and appreciation at the spot. When you perform live on stage you have a trill feeling. If we talk about TV, people get to know about you. You become a public figure. And if we talk about silver screen then it is different from TV and theatre. Although film industry is not established till now and I have done one film which is still not released. So silver screen is totally a different medium of entertainment. Watching yourself on a big screen where people come to see you by purchasing tickets is excitement. Its an exclusive medium. I did a supporting role in ‘Anjuman.’ When I went on the premiere and saw myself on a big screen I got freeze for two minutes and I was wondering that is it me on the big screen and hall was full of audience. In TV especially people relate their self with you and you become the part of their lives like they will watch your drama on the time. So there is a lot of difference in feel between theatre, TV and film.

How do you face criticism?

When you are a public figure you have to face a lot of criticism. People have right to criticize you or give comments. First I do not understand this but with the passage of time I understand these days. Many other things also come with fame. People talk about you, make rumours and talk about those thing which are not related to you. In my view you can’t force everyone to like you. People have their own choices. I work for my fans. They appreciate me. Criticism is the part of life and you should take it positively. Fans opinion also matters a lot because they see you. They tell us what characters suits us, how our working is going.

How would you define your acting skill?

It’s a very tough question for me. I am at the learning stage. I can’t say anything about my acting skills because we just work and viewers adjust it. I don’t think I have as such acting skill. I like doing it and I feel in this. The whole process in which you have to read the script and then give your act, in this all I feel fun. It gives me pleasure. I always try to give my best when I do work. According to me I am new comer and learning, still more to learn it’s a long journey.

What lessons have you learned in this industry?

I have learnt that there is no short cut to success. You have to struggle for everything. I also did my struggle. I did theaters for a long time. People think that you would get role or main lead in first time but this is not like that. You have to prove our self for this. I also did supporting characters and I did not find any harm in them. With the time now work is better I am getting roles as a main lead. So I did my struggle. Everyone has to do hard work.

Tell us something about yourself, who is Sohai Ali the real world?

I am a very simple person. I do things which I like. I don’t behave like a celebrity. I don’t have any attitude. I am normal like other girls. Love to do shopping, hang outs, meeting my fans. I am foodie person. I am doing my study.  

Who is your inspiration in life?

No one is my inspiration as such. You use to learn many things from many people. If I have to ask about one inspiration then it’s my father. It’s just because he was a very hard working person. He was a doctor by profession and he has made everything with his hard work. He passed away when I was very young. So my inspiration is my father and I have learnt many things from them. My whole family is very proud of him. I also want to be like him that in future whatever I do everyone should be proud of me.

What is your dream project?

As such there is no dream project in my life but I want to do a big movie in which there would a lot of songs and I can dance in that.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

When I do a lot of work after that I take rest from work for some time. Recently I was working for a long time. I was shooting for two serials so I was working back to back so I have break to myself. My next project will be start from January. When I took off I relax myself at home, spend time with my own self. When you are working then its oblivious you can’t give time to anyone. You have no personal life while working. I have lost all my friend because I am always busy my work but when I get time I do spend it with family and friends so it gets balance. 

Would you like to share something about your current projects?

There are a lot of projects and I am considering them. Nothing is finalized yet. I am reading the scripts. I will try my best to work hard and bring something good for all.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

I am not a planned person. I don’t fix things for myself. I enjoy what I do. Everything is going good and I hope to see everything good in future too. So I have not planned about anything about where I would be in next coming years. I thing that a lot more fun that you should leave something as it is so there would be some surprises. If everything would be already planned then there would be no fun. I like thing to be surprise for me.



Repaid Fire:

What’s your star... Taurus

Any childhood memory... The time which I spend with my parents when they were alive that as the golden time of my childhood. 

Free time you mostly do... meet my friends. I go for shopping; I read books, watch movies

Favourite food... I am a foodie person. I love all kind of food especially Daal Chawal and Achar and spicy Thai food

Favourite gadget... My Phone

Music you like... I listen all sort of music and it all depend on my mind

Greatest fear... I get fear with cats

If your mood is off, what one thing can cheer’s u.... It depends how much my mood is off. It is difficult to make me happy when it is off. It gets sets with time.

One thing you would like to change in your self ... My anger