CALIFORNIA-Tori Spelling knows all about husband Dean McDermott‘s cheating - she just chooses to ignore it. Reports last month claimed McDermott recently had a one-night stand during a business trip to Canada with a 28-year-old named Emily Goodhand.

According to Star magazine, Dean, 47, is a serial cheater who has bedded at least two other women during their seven-year marriage. And Tori has known about it the whole time. ‘I think Tori has known about Dean’s cheating for years,’ a source claims. ‘He has two girls he regularly sees, and Tori knows about it. She keeps threatening to kick him out but then never follows through. She loves him, and she tells herself he cheats because that it’s an addiction.’

The insider adds that she is demanding that he go to rehab, but so far Dean is resisting. ‘Tori feels completely hopeless and at a loss as to how to handle Dean’s marital indiscretions,’ another friend says. ‘And the truth is, she doesn’t have a clue how many other women are out there.

She is worried they might start coming out of the woodwork.’

‘She’s frantic to keep details of Dean’s other escapades under wraps. It’s all about business.’ Tori fears that if Dean dumps her with four kids, she’ll be forced to ask her mother, Candy, for help. ‘There’s no way she wants to do that!’ says the friend. ‘So she is pretending everything’s fine.’