It is an established fact that no individual, community or nation can survive in perpetual fear. Every individual of Pakistan remain under continuous fear and threat from the terrorists. It was hoped that by virtue of better policies, PML-N government would at least be able to control or lessen terrorism but actually the opposite happened.

Sociologists and historians will bear it out that societies and states could survive in wars, hunger, inflation and such other adversaries but terrorism if not dealt with by the state becomes impossible to defeat. Belligerency should not prosper and be tolerated in a state under any circumstances. Our armed forces and the common man have already suffered a lot and given many sacrifices. Enough is enough! Writ of the state has to be established.

Instead of begging for a dialogue or asking someone to negotiate with the terrorists on behalf of the government, it is time to take positive steps and ask the armed forces to establish writ of the state throughout the country and expel all foreigners from North Waziristan since it is Pakistan’s territory where no foreigner can live without a valid visa. These elements are the main reason for a continued threat to our lives and the country. It is hard to understand why they are using kid gloves to handle these mass killers.


Lahore, January 2.