LAHORE - PTI’s Insaf Action Forum is compiling data regarding cases involving violence against women and children in Punjab in an effort to set in motion a public move against the gruesome issue.

The forum will present its findings in a seminar scheduled for January 10 in the provincial capital.  The forum met at PTI office on Saturday to ponder the growing cases of violence against women.

With Ijaz Chaudhry in the chair, PTI leaders Dr Yasmin Rashid, Andleeb Abbas, Nosheen Hamid Meraj, Shanila Rout, Aliya Hamza Malik and Bushra Khalid Bhatti attended the meeting. The forum decided it would gather all possible data regarding crimes against women and children in Punjab till January 9, and make the same public in a seminar on January 10 in a bid to raise a public voice against the serious issue.  PTI leaders said the recent case of violence involving a maid was a barbaric act against which, they added, society should take a stand. They maintained the sorry state of women security and safety indicated provincial authorities’ indifferent attitude to the issue.

They said the failure of the provincial rulers to apprehend the culprits of the Sumbal incident had encouraged criminals, and put young children and women at a greater risk.

They said PTI’s seminar would bring the issue to the fore, and would present proposals to the government to deal with it.