Only one thing is certain about future that it is going to stay uncertain and unpredictable. But as the time is accustomed to surprising and stunning, man is in habit of planning and predicting.

Here we bring much awaited and much planned events of 2014. 

T-20 World Cup

Small innings and great thrill, that is what twenty20 cricket all about. This small format is much looked forward to even in premier league games. Yet nothing can beat the frenzy-filled T-20 World Cup. Scheduled in March this year, the venue of the tournament seems undecided because of eruption of violence in Bangladesh.

FIFA World Cup, Brazil 2014

Football emerged as new fashion globally in 2010, with all football fans looking forward to Octopus Pauls’s forecasting and the cheerleaders dancing to Waka Waka. Even great action and thrill are expected in 2014. While most professional soccer games already attract crazy fans, the World Cup brings football mania to the boiling point. People start celebrating the event even before the actual games start. This June people will dance to “Waving Flag” in Brazil. Don’t miss the thrill.

Winter Olympics Russia

Planned for February, 2014, the Winter Olympics will set the heat in Sochi, Russia. Fifteen winter sports will be held in ninety-eight events. Both the Olympic and Paraolympic Games are being organized by the Sochi Organizing Committee. Chilling weather will see sweating athletes and frantic craze.

Sindh Festival

Few cultural songs are as catchy as Jiye Sindhi Toppi Wala. Many sang along the tune and many more are looking forward to celebrate Sindhi Topi and Ajrak in Feb this year. Mere invitation from Bilawal Bhutto Zardari made headlines. No wonder the event is much awaited. Grab your ajrak to be a part of festival which has budget allocation of Rs 250 million.

Literature Festivals 2014

Celebrating the tradition of intellectual discourse, the literature festivals have emerged as most anticipated events to which Pakistani Intelligentsia look forward to.  Organized in all metros (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad), the events are a must attend. You can get a signed book of your favourite author or you may take photos with them to upload on social media.

Fashion Weeks

As thrilling to few are the walking models, as to others are the talking writers. Bridal Couture Weeks and Fashion Weeks are a sure sign of booming fashion industry of Pakistan. Though having a limited audience, the events are given wide coverage by the media and are much awaited by the entertainment-hungry society.

Punjab Youth Festival

1st Punjab Youth Festival was much commended for bringing youth together to celebrate sportsmanship. Many world records were made in the last year. It is anticipated that they will be broken this year. The plans are already made for 2014 youth festival and the preparations are underway.

Basant Festival

Despite being controversial and very often banned, Basant incites much excitement. Much fond of colours, festivity and celebration, Punjabis in general and Lahorites in particular are crazy for Basant. No wonder after Hamza Shahbaz’s announcement about Festival, the people are planning and preparing for the event.

Pakistan India Series

Having witnessed the unfortunate decline of sports, especially of cricket, Pakistani nation is jubilant on mere possibility of an India-Pakistan series. PCB and ICB have hinted that a series might be arranged in 2014 and the whole cricket world is waiting for the development.