We as a society have evolved, resulting in the typical norms to become obsolete. Patterns that used to define our culture, behavior and take on matters are now nowhere to be found. For a considerably long period of time we have been under the spell of repetitive practices. The concept of exploration was completely absent and pursuing something new was simply a taboo.

Taking care of the family business, becoming an engineer or a doctor, were the only few options available to many, resulting in saturation in the economy leading to job burnouts. A tragedy leading to another tragedy, like a chain reaction had been set up.

It’s no surprise to see our generation trapped in the tangles of their own directionless thoughts. If only parents had been more supportive and had encouraged their children to broaden their horizons and to choose a certain career after exhausting all other options, we could have avoided such a dilemma altogether.

Apart from a few exceptions, almost all of us have fallen a prey to this, engulfed by the uncertainties of future prospectuses. It can be rooted down to nothing else but to lack of awareness.

The problem can easily be addressed by introducing the idea of student counseling. Although a service not very new, but scarcely opted, mainly because we are stuck to the wrong ideology of not being able to benefit from it in anyway. The unpopularity of the service has not gone in our favor; in fact it has adversely affected us, depriving us of the many opportunities by shutting all doors on us.

Schools and universities which should have been more focused on designing career pathways were busy overloading students with knowledge making them take an entire lifetime to figure out something useful of all the knowledge dumped onto them.

If it hadn’t been for private organizations working towards the betterment of social and economic progress, our generation would have been a complete wreck. With rapidly changing perceptions, these private organizations have managed to affirm a space for themselves in our society. Regardless of not being in the limelight, as they haven’t garnered much attention, they certainly have made a difference and I can say so from experience.

Intertwined in my own chains and failed attempts to breakthrough brought me face to face with a career counselor at Dignosco. An organization that has recently been creating hype and validating its existence by its success in the particular field. I had no faith in my impulsive decisions, and this being one until I found clarity after talking to the head counselor. He not only gave me a deep understanding of the field I am currently pursuing but also familiarized me with various options I could consider. It not only refined my thoughts but also provided me with a promising set of skills that will prepare me for the challenges ahead. It allowed me to explore my potential to its maximum enabling me to execute my capabilities to their best.