“In the Soviet army, it takes more courage to retreat than advance.”

–Joseph Stalin

The Soviets, around 27 years ago, retreated from Afghanistan after violating its sovereignty to impose a pro-Soviet government in Kabul to establish its dominance. Over a hundred thousand soldiers flooded Afghanistan, dealing with the citizens harshly, as a result of which foreign governments like the United States funded groups of rebels to fight of soviet influence. Through the nine-year conflict over a million people were brutally killed and after all foreign governments retreated, the Taliban gained control over Afghanistan and to this date they remain in power.

An illusion was created after the war of terror that Afghanistan was more democratic and that the rights of the people were guaranteed. The US invasion of 2001 only left the Taliban in a stronger position due to the provision of warfare weaponry and ammunition that they would steal and use to create fear to maintain power. Perhaps the reason for the deterioration of Afghanistan over the years can be attributed to the fact that there was constant political unrest which also perished the economy and discouraged development. The current state of Afghanistan also gives room for the global community to undermine its presence and opinions on political issues that affect the world as a whole. Had the soviets not intervened for imperialistic gains and the US had not suppressed and funded rebels, we could have seen a more developed Afghanistan.