Accountability refers to proper checks and balance under any system. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the accountability system has long been under a fragile circle. Since its inception, the country has adopted a number of accountability laws and ordinances including National Accountability Ordinance (NAO), KP’S accountability laws and other national and provincial ordinances. But despite all such efficient efforts, accountability has been a morning-dream for Pakistan.

No doubt, Pakistan’s leading accountability system National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has now tightened its weak screws to maintain and upgrade accountability system in the country. The recent rapid changes under political system by sentencing 7 years jail to thrice-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and accusing corruption and fake account cases to former President Asif Zardari show a glimpse of positive accountability. It’s not end. Other PML-N and PPP leaders are expected, approximately 172 names are put in ECL, to push into the same radar of evil customs.

We are now hoping for the prosperous nation where accountability, transparency and fairness will lead the country. PTI-led regime is quite confident in this regard. All such cases should be fairly dealt under judiciary so that the fruits of transparency could be achieved.


Shikarpur, December 29.