LAHORE - Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that with the political struggle and clear cut instance Imran Khan has compelled all thieves to unite against government. He added that there would be no compromise on the issue of accountability.

Talking to party workers here at the Public Secretariat, Aleem said that those who have nothing to explain on corruption started blaming others and their attitude is quite childish to prove their vindictiveness. He made it clear that at any cost Prime Minister Imran Khan will never compromise on the issue of accountability and even to remain in government will not matter for him. Senior Minister said that some elements have started the conspiracy theory to create uncertainty but they should realize the fact that traditional family politics is at its last leg and Nawaz & Zardari joint venture would be last nail in the coffin of corruption minded leaders.

He said that masses have also realized the fact that in the name of democracy there is only one point agenda of looting the national exchequer for their personal motives.

Aleem further said that in the last ten years Shehbaz & Company made Punjab bankrupt and 56 companies aimed at nepotism and malpractices. He said that from Clean Water Project to Orange Line Train every where there is nothing but corruption and irregularities. He asked Asif Zardari to refrain from touring Punjab as he would get nothing but disappointment.

He advised that rather than visiting Punjab, Zardari should prepare himself for “Jail Yaatra” so that he can sign another “Mazaq-e-Jamhooriat” with his counterpart there.

Senior Minister said that opposition should not worry about the working and performance of the present government as we have already set out goals and work has been initiated in the right direction in all the major fields. Abdul Aleem Khan asked the party workers to point out the problems being faced by the masses and also take initiatives for their solutions.