Recently, the PM house has been transformed into a brand new national university. This university would be focusing on research based education especially on the emerging technology and is supposed to empower and enlighten the deserving general youth of Pakistan. This new university would be only at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Quaid-e-Azam University. Some analysts think there is no bigger reason to rejoice but some think it’s an increment in the burden on the shivering shoulders of state.

Although IK wants the merciless demolish of colonialism with the shifting of power into knowledge and his first priority is education but PTI has ruled over KPK for more than five years still in the district Kohistan, being the part of KPK, 354 schools remain without building and this situation is harming the education of 30,000 to 40,000 students every year.

This daring and outrageous step of converting PM house into public university was supposed to beneficial for country’s youth and transmission of political power into the power of pen but the fact is it will be a burden on the fragile economy of Naya Pakistan where during the last 20 years the private and public sector universities had a mushroom growth but balloon development.

IK ought to transform his priorities from quantity to quality first. Pakistan has most of its population in middle class which urges to upward mobility. This new university will serve the already served social purpose in many universities- bestowing the prestige of elite in higher education on middle class children on the expenses of state. IK should look down from his glassy office so he could see the sprawling slums between new university and Quaid-e-Azam University where the poor children go through every vicious situation in the name of education.

Logically thinking, why would a country need a new university when there are enormous universities which failed to deliver quality education? Why a country requires higher education institutions when there are neither toilets nor proper buildings for schools? How there will be the general population in the brand new university being spread on 1700 acres when the middle class has poor standards of schooling?


Gujrat, December 25.