The three-day meeting of Jamaat-i-Islami’s central executive committee (Majlise Shura) started at Mansora on Friday. Over 100-member of the JI will discuss politics situation of the country and future strategy of the party.  As the Jammat will choose its next chief for five years tenure through secret balloting, Majlise Shura will also recommend three names for the Amir of the party for the guidance of JI’s members. The JI’s over 40,000 members, however, have the right to vote for any other person except from the Shura’s recommendations. The election process is likely to start from next week and it will conclude before   March 31, the day the tenure of current chief Sirajul Haq will expire.  A statement issued from JI head office stated that Sirajul Haq will announce party strategy on concluding day of the meeting. –Staff Reporter