Karachi - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi President Khurrum Sherzaman demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct PS-94 by-election on January 27 instead of 24th as the election should be held on a public holiday so that the public may get its benefit and allow more voters to come out to the polls.

Talking to the media after visiting the ECP office with the party delegation, Sherzaman said that the bye-elections have very low turnout and if is conducted on a working day, turnout will be too low. The delegation consists of Ashraf Qureshi, the PTI Candidate for PS-94 along and members of Sindh Assembly.

The PTI city chief added that secondly, they have security concerns about the constituency of election. If the security problems and stamp mafia is removed, no other political party can win except PTI. He demanded that elections should be held under the supervision of Pakistan Army.

He also asked the ECP to ensure that RTS system should be made better and not indulge in any kind of problems or tampering regarding software issues. Sherzaman also demanded that the development work ‘drama’ should not be on display.

“Sindh Government has never done any work for last 25-30 years in this area. We demand Sindh government not to start any development works in this area for at least 20 days. PPP is afraid of PTI these days and has started development works drama in the constituency. We requested Election Commission to stop these development works immediately,” he added.

The PTI Karachi President vowed that they will win from PS-94 with big margin. He said PTI has won general and bye-elections and will win from this constituency as well. “Karachi was with PTI in the past and will be in future. We request the public through media to be with Imran Khan to prove once again that Karachi is with PTI,” said Sherzaman.

He said PTI is contesting in the elections along-with other political parties. The decision by the public will be made in the field, adding that they cannot ignore the fear of unfair means be utilised in the election. He added the stamp mafia used to start stamping after unlawfully entering into polling stations in the past but now Pak Army, Rangers and police removed this ‘garbage’.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan announced unmatched programs for Karachi will be benefited from Prime Minister Housing Scheme, Health Card and employments. Imran announced Citizen Portal and its objective was to serve the public,” Sherzaman added.

Taking a jab at the Sindh government, he said the PPP doesn’t believe in resolving the problems of the public. “If you don’t work on Citizen Portal, we will take you to the courts and roads and we will protest. Serving the public of Sindh is the responsibility of PPP. You (PPP) are ignoring the public service for last eleven years. Public is deprived of water and weeping for education. The Advisor on Son Quota should listen you will have to work.”

The PTI Karachi president was of the view only Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are not the provinces of the Prime Minister but Sindh too so is the case with Karachi. The public of Karachi will prove it by voting for PTI which will win the bye-election, he concluded.