ISLAMABAD  -   Students of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) department of mathematics on Friday celebrated the academic achievements of the department which contributed in improved ranking of the university. 

Students and faculty acknowledged the academic contribution of Prof. Dr. Tassawar Hayat who led the university in achieving the top ranking.  Dr. Tassawar hayat on his credit has supervised 39 PhD and 119 MPhil students.

Along with supervising the students, the faculty member has won 34 awards including 19 international achievement awards.

 Dr. Tassawar has published 1941 research papers in international journals. With impressive impact fact as researcher of the country, his research index is 96. 

Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali Shah on this occasion congratulated Dr. Tassawar Hayat for his contribution in research and declares him an asset for the university.  He assured the students and faculty for all support they require in research. Prof. Dr. Saleem Asghar appreciating the services of Dr. Tassawar Hayyat said that he achieved this milestone because of his hard work.

“It is an honour for me to have a student like Dr. Tasawwar,” he said. Prof. Dr. Ayub said that dedication and hard work of Dr. Tassawar has brought respect for the university and the department which must be recognized at the highest level.  Students on this occasion added that the achievements of Dr. Tassawar Hayat inspire them and they also hope to follow his footsteps.