TouchSky Group (TSG) has signed actor Bilal Ashraf as the official host for World Soccer Star 2019 (WSS 19), the biggest sporting which will see two of the biggest names in football’s history – Brazilian legend Ricardo Kaká and Portuguese great Luís Figo – play for the first time in Pakistan.

WSS 19 aims to uplift football in Pakistan and will see use of interactive coaching clinics that will be assessed by some of the best international footballers as well as offer a gateway to football talent at grass-root level to recognise their skills.

The international event is the brainchild of Ahmer Kunwar, a UK-born Pakistani, who is the CEO of TouchSky Group (TSG). WSS 19 is not just a sporting event, but a platform which will catapult Pakistan to international markets and promote the country’s soft image in the process.

Bilal Ashraf said that he was thrilled to be a part of such a grand event and that the arrival of international football sensations was a huge win for Pakistan. He said that WSS 19 was an unprecedented event that was all set to work wonders for Pakistan, both home and abroad.

With a series of international matches from April 26-29 taking place in Lahore and Karachi, World Soccer Stars promises to be the greatest football spectacle in Pakistan. Football fever will be at an all-time high in Pakistan as other global players will be unveiled in the coming weeks. World Soccer Stars 2019 is the biggest sports spectacle scheduled for this year.