Cricket is game of chance not of choice. If it were of choice, many legends would not have become victim of nervous 90s. It is exactly this uncertainty that makes it so entertaining, though a bit time consuming. We recently lost badly to Australia at their home in all formats. They outperformed and outclassed us. Still, Yasir Shah, a bowler by classification, had his maiden test century, He gave the Australians a good run for their buck. Australian players had to toil and sweat in the field to get rid of him. We should praise and acknowledge his century. Even in our loss, I found the games to be entertaining and kept hoping that our team might bounce back, which it never did.

The words of legendry commentator late Iftikhar Ahmed’s words that “cricket is game of glorious uncertainties.” We must cut some slack to our team and players, who are deprived of international cricket at home for years. We don’t get opportunity to play much at International level because of our inability to host home series. This deprives our players of much needed exposure and experience. Instead of criticizing and discouraging our young players, we should give them confidence, courage, and enthusiasm to prepare themselves to show what we are made of in the coming world cup.