According to a study carried out by Human Rights Watch there is a rape in every two hours in Pakistan ,and a gang in a every hour , and 70-90 percent women are suffering with some kind of domestic violence.

A seven-years old girl was strangled to death after being raped in her house in Rawalpindi early on Friday, even after her death , the victim was again subjected to sexual assault by her 18 years old uncle , said superintendent of police (SP) . On only this there are several girls raped like same. May it is remembered , in 2018 January , a seven-year old girl named Zaniab Ansari who was raped and strangled death in Kasur. According to a media report , there are at least 66 women were raped and wounded in Faisalabad district in first sex moths of 2018.

On the other side, The British channel 4 broadcast a documentary called Pakistan’s hidden shame which highlighted the problem of sexual abuse of street children in particular , an estimated 90 percent of whom have been sexually abused .

It is requested to the government for concerned issue that enact harder for rapers and try to level best for make less and make the girls life somehow safe as soon as possible.