LAHORE - Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Hospital Prof Sardar Mohammad Alfreed Zafar has urged doctors and allied health staff  to continue updating knowledge and skills as it would help own career growth besides improving healthcare service delivery.  Speaking at a workshop at Surgical Unit of LGH on Saturday, he said that there was need of raising awareness among the masses about immediate first aid in case of an emergency or heart attack.  Prof Zafar said that volunteers should be trained about restoring breathing in case of heart attack. He said that loss of precious time soon after such incident could prove fatal for the patient.  ‘Citizens should come forward and perform duties to save precious human lives’, he said.  Associate Professor Dr Amana Javed was the Course Director of this workshop.  Head of Surgical Unit II Prof Muhammad Farooq Afzal highlighted the usefulness of the workshop. Prof Khalid Bashir, Dr Ajmal Farooq, Dr Shabbir Chaudhry, Dr Ahmed Naeem, Dr Falik Malik, Dr Neelam Wajid, Dr Basharat Nazir, Dr Sidra Jawad and Dr Hafiz Mohammad Imran participated in this Hands-On Training Workshop. Dr Atif Akram, Dr Muhammad Usman and Dr Faisal Javed Mir delivered lectures on the topic of restoring breath and heartbeat in case of heart attack or an accident.