Human beings are born free but are encountering a number of issues that eventually snatch their freedom and make them slaves. The worst form of slavery is the inability of people to think independently and rationally. This kind of slavery grows when people stop demanding their rights. A nation can never become prosperous till basic rights for its citizens are ensured.

A number of efforts have been made both at national and international levels to provide and protect fundamental human Rights. Human rights refers to some of the basic rights of individual as of life, freedom from slavery, poverty, oppression, of choice, expression and assembly. Moreover, women are considered an integral part of any society. Equal participation of women is important to put our country on the road to prosperity. human rights are based on man’s dignity and civilized nations should provide the assurance of these rights to its civilians. Mankind in this age of reason and technology need to be freed from the racial and religious discriminations. International bodies, Governments as well the learned scholars of world should play their active role in this regard only then manking claims to be civilized.

The provision of human rights guarantees not only peaceful coexistence of citizens but also prosperity for the country. Pakistan cannot be prosperous until its citizens get all their fundamental rights without any discrimination of race, class, creed and area. All the policies must be people centric rather than area centric. No one must be deprived of any of his rights. We will have to accept this fact before visualizing a better future.