ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday expressed regret over a new low of Indian police for placing a dead man in wanted list of people protesting against discriminatory the citizenship law.

In his tweet here, the prime minister mentioned a new report of News 18 of India in which Uttar Pradesh Police was found searching for a man included in list of 200 protesters who had died six years back.

Imran Khan said Indian police brutality has reached new low as its pogrom of Muslims continues as part of fascist Modi government’s ethnic cleansing agenda.

“Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fascist government continues its agenda of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in effort to transform India as a Hindu state,” he tweeted.

After Modi’s illegal annexation of IOK on August 5 last year, Imran Khan had warned that further escalation between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India may lead to a catastrophe.

He urged the international community to speak against the human rights violation and expressed disappointment over the silence.

Kashmiris observe Right of Self-Determination Day today

The premier maintained that the explosive situation could escalate beyond the Indian subcontinent.

Following the illegal annexation of Kashmir, the BJP government of Prime Minister Nerendra Modi passed a controversial citizenship law that critics believed discriminates against Muslims.

Analysts say the law is a precursor to a national register of citizens that many among India’s 200 million Muslims fear will leave them stateless.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has decided to convene a meeting on the grim human rights situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and enactment of an anti-Muslim law in India likely to be held in April this year.

APP adds: Kashmiri people living across both sides of Line of Control (LoC) and rest of the world would observe Right of Self-Determination Day today to remind the international community of the UN Security Council resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir adopted on January 5, 1949, acknowledging their inherent right to self-determination.

Ever year, Kashmiri people observe this day to draw the world’s attention towards the longstanding issue besides sensitizing the world community and human rights organisations about the early resolution of the decades-long issue.

The world community, especially the United Nations and human rights organizations, would be urged to pressurize India to end over five-month long lockdown of the state, which has literally turned the state into a big jail where every Kashmiri has been incarcerated since August 5, 2019.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan, public rallies, seminars, processions and special gatherings will be held to highlight the importance of the day.

Speakers will reiterate Kashmiris’ just and principled stance before the world that they will continue their struggle for the right of self-determination till the achievement of the ultimate goal.

They will particularly demand the early grant of the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris without further delay and which is being denied by India since over last 72 years.

The right of self determination day reiterates the long cherished demand of the Kashmiris that they should be granted their birth right to decide about their destiny under the spirit of the internationally-acknowledged UN resolutions, passed by the Security Council this day – January 05, 1949.