BARA - Amidst assembling of contingents of the paramilitary troops in Jamrud near Peshawar, tribal elders from Bara and Mulagori regions have initiated efforts for reconciliation between the government and the alleged militants. Before embarking on mediation efforts, the 18-member tribal jirga from Bara has taken the administration into confidence whereas "confusion exists over efforts of the Mulagori tribesmen, who asked the militants to leave their soil within three days." Such confusion is believed to have occurred due to the strategies of the government functionaries, who are finding out "pretexts" to enable them to stage Bara like drama also in Mulagori region. The tribal sources informed that 18-member jirga headed by Amal Gul from Malik Din Khel tribe reached in the accessible Tirrah Valley where they entered into dialogue with Lashkar Islam chief Mangal Bagh. Besides Amal Gul who himself is Lashkar Islam supreme commander of his tribe, Shaukat, Haji Babu Jan Afridi, Ikhteyar Shah, Hasham Khan and Haji Yaseen are also included in the jirga. Before leaving for the Tirrah Valley, the jirga members mostly affiliated with Lashkar Islam held a meeting with the Political authorities and offered their mediation efforts for reconciliation. Later, they left for Tirrah Valley. However, details of terms and conditions for the reconciliation are yet to be determined. On the other hand an interesting situation erupted, when the officials in Political administration denied to involve themselves in the issue of warning to the Taliban who entered the soil of Mulagori tribesmen in Khyber Agency. The elders of Mulagori tribesmen claim that after taking the administration into confidence they asked the Taliban to leave their soil within three days otherwise the tribesmen would organise traditional lashkar against them. The officials in the Political Agent's office at Peshawar informed, "Neither they suggested the tribal elders to ask Taliban to leave the area nor do the have any concern."  The officials said that occupation of Mulagori tribesmen's soil by the Taliban was their internal matter. The alleged militants calling themselves Taliban have not only turned a deaf ear to the warning of Mulagori tribal elders but have also  threatened them with dire consequences. Such a reaction on the part of the militants has resulted in widespread unrest amongst the tribesmen, who were expecting a lot from the government. On the other hand, shifting and dispatching of Frontier Corps squads from Shagai Fort and other barracks and camps in Khyber Agency to Jamrud's historical fort is in progress. Though the authorities concerned are tightlipped over the matter yet it was learnt that from Jamrud the security forces are likely to target the militants and criminals hiding in Shah Kas and Mulagori regions of Khyber Agency. Sheltering and hiding of militants in this region are harmful to law and order situation in Peshawar. Meanwhile, the FATA Secretariat  official handout issued on Friday states, "The ongoing operation "Sirat-i-Mustaqeem" against the miscreants in Khyber Agency has entered its 7th day, with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) along with the political administration advancing as planned. According to a handout of Media Cell FATA Secretariat Peshawar issued on Friday, the curfew imposed at Bara Sub Division since June 28, 2008 has been relaxed. However, ban on the display of arms and the provisions of section 38 of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) would remain in force till further orders. During search of the area, the law enforcement agencies unearthed two sub-jails, one at Alam Gudar and the other at Kohi. The law enforcement agencies are patrolling the area and routine checkpoints/nakabandis at various points are intact. The 18 member Jirga of tribal elders/maliks is busy at Tirah for negotiating the conditions with the elements concerned as put forth by the government. Till now, 92 persons have been arrested. No untoward incident was reported on Friday. Agencies add: The NWFP Governor has said the government is serious about fighting militants and added that people's protection is the prime responsibility of the government. Talking to media on Friday, Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani said government was trying to resolve all issues faced by the people. Defending the deployment of hundreds of security forces in Khyber Agency where authorities say they have also banned three local militant groups, the Governor said "The state is very serious" in fighting militants and the government plans to launch crackdowns on militants in other parts of the province. Ghani maintained that the operation in Khyber was "going on successfully" and that the government had a programme for tackling the province's law and order problems. He said government had set its own target on day-to-day basis, adding that all targets were being achieved gradually. "I can say confidently that the targets we had laid down are gradually being achieved," he said. Owais said government was monitoring situation in Peshawar and other districts. Police have succeeded in their operations in Nowshehra and Charsadda, he added. Government has been encouraged by the fact that every force has carried out the operation sensibly and responsibly, he said. The Ministry of Interior said it has so far arrested 92 "criminals" and seized large caches of arms and ammunition in Khyber. Another 128 suspects have been arrested and drugs and weapons seized separately in Peshawar.