This is apropos of the TV programme 'Najam Sethi Special' of 20th June, on Dunya TV. I feel that some of the points raised by Qazi Hussain Ahmed deserve further discussion: Qazi Hussain Ahmed relied heavily on Iqbal's poem on the subject of patriotism and Ummah. But Qazi Sahib fails to appreciate the difference between poetic expressions and the political opinions which Iqbal (or any other poet) would express outside the poetic medium. For example, Iqbal once said, "sarey jahan sey achcha Hindustan hamara'". Does that mean Iqbal really believed that the united India was actually better than rest of the world? Iqbal, may I point out, did advocate a patriotic ideology when he proposed the creation of Pakistan. He believed that ultimately a strong Pakistan would be beneficial for the whole Ummah. Qazi Hussain Ahmed asks why Muslims living in the central India favoured creation of Pakistan, knowing fully well that they would not be living in Pakistan. The answer is in 3 parts as follows: 1. The Muslims of central India realistically accepted that they could not have 20 mini-Pakistans spread all over India. 2. They selflessly accepted that this situation should not stand in the way of creation of Pakistan in the Muslim majority areas. 3. They pragmatically accepted that reciprocity would ensure fair treatment of minorities in both India and Pakistan. Large-scale migration was never a part of partition plan. Qazi Sahib has memorized Iqbal where it suits him. But Iqbal was wary of narrow-minded mullahism Qazi Sahib represents. -KHALID A., London, UK, via e-mail, June 28.